The XTZ 750

This is what we started with...

A standard 1990 model Yamaha XTZ750 parallel twin with 42 000 miles on the clock.

This is a tall bike; I’m 187 cm tall (approximately 6′ 2″ in old money), and I struggled to move it around on uneven ground.  You can buy jack up kits for these bikes, but the question has to be “why on earth would you want to?”

Fortunately you can buy lowering links too, which is just as well – I’ve changed from a 21- to an 18-inch front wheel, so I needed to get the back down to keep it all level.  Dropping the back end reduces the seat height by about 6 cm, which is great improvement.

I’m not doing the Dakar Rally, so I don’t need masses of ground clearance.  Will just have to keep an eye out for big rocks in the road…

This is where we are now...

Much modification in progress

List of Modifications:

1.  Fit alloy wheels (ex TDM850 3VD) front & rear.

2.  Modify swingarm to take TDM850 rear brake caliper.

3.  Modify front forks to take larger TDM 850 spindle (17- vs 15 mm diameter).

4.  Make up new front wheel spindle (courtesy Mudguts) & spacers.

5. Make caliper spacing brackets to fit XJ900 front brake calipers (TDM850 discs – turned so dish is inside to clear fork legs – are bigger diameter than original XTZ750 items).

6.  Fit Acewell electronic speedo/rev counter (TDM850 front wheel too wide to accommodate mechanical speedo drive).

7.  Build new dash panel from ABS & aluminium.

8.  Make up oil pressure sender feed.

9.  Fit oil pressure gauge to dash along with 2 x 12V power sockets.

10.  Fit GPS mounting kit to handlebars.

11.  Produce adjustable wind deflector for screen.

12.  Custom new rear brake line.

13.  Manufacture & fit pannier rack mounting system.

14.  Upgrade chain & sprockets from 520 to 525.

15.  Fit duplicate clutch & throttle cables, CDi unit, ignition coil and electrical relays for quick switchover in case of failure.

16.  Fit HID headlight kit.

17.  Fit heated handgrips.

18.  Modify TDM850 rear hugger to fit swingarm.

19.  Fit fusebox to separate electrical circuits.

20.  Produce mounting bracket/fork brace to take front mudguard from RF600.

21.  Fit FZS600 front master cylinder.


4 Responses to The XTZ 750

  1. Ronnie Kruger says:

    Hi Alan:

    Interesting, but I am probably too illiterate to navigate the site to access the details. However, I would like to know where and when your departure point is, what your route is and what the final destination is.

    In my 5 years in the US I criss-crossed at least North America several times, so your IT will give me a much better understanding of what you are up against.
    My moral support (as always) is indisputable. Best of luck, enjoy and God’s Speed!

  2. Lee Luck says:

    Hi Alan
    I haven’t been to the US so I’d also love to hear about the where and when, but I’m also interested in the how and what. Any of your experiences shared mean I get to see another part of the world that I haven’t been to – through your eyes. So I can hardly wait for the journey to begin!!! Good luck on this wonderful adventure, take care because you’re precious to us and have a blast, you’ve earned it!!!

  3. Penny Camons says:

    Hi A, never got a chance to contact you before you left. I hope all goes well for the months ahead, we are thinking of you and please keep blogging as it is the only way we can track your trip. Travel safely

  4. George Whitehead says:

    Hi Allan
    Hope that you are having a blast!! I see that you went to a lot of trouble to prep the bike. All the best, don’t fall off and most of all don’t get hooked on drugs while you are in South america. PS. If anyone asks you to carry a small package for them say NO!



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